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The ALLERBED device

ALLERBED is a paramedical device, developed by allergy specialists, vets and entomologists, for combating dust mites.
It reduces the concentration of dust mites by up to 100%
in the room where it is used
It contains no chemicals or poisonous irritants
(like sprays or atomisers containing sumithrin)
Allergic reactions gradually decrease from the second week of use onwards and should disappear within 3 months.


45% of allergies are caused by dust mites

The most common examples of dust mite allergies are:

- Asthma and asthmatic equivalents: dry cough and chronic bronchitis.
- Rhinitis
- Conjunctivitis
- Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis.

Allergens exist mainly in dust mite excretions (faeces) and in the remains of dead dust mites.

One dust mite will produce approximately 200 times its weight in excretions and will breed between 20 and 80 times in 2 to 3 months.

Hence the need to control concentrations of them.

Areas for priority treatment

Areas to be treated as a priority are:

- Mattresses
- Blankets
- Rugs and carpeting
- Curtains and sofa covers.

For example: a double bed, before treatment, contains approximately 2 million dust mites. 

The level of concentration of the dust mite population is the cause of allergic and dermatological reactions.

100% safe, chemical-free treatment

Thanks to medical research on ultrasound, the Allerbed device produces an ultrasonic signal that is inaudible and totally harmless to humans and pet animals.

This ultrasonic signal prevents mating during the reproductive stage. As they are no longer able to reproduce, the concentration of dust mites decreases daily, reaching its lowest level after 3 months.

Consequently, allergy sufferers’ symptoms gradually decrease from the 2nd week of use onwards, the optimum effect being reached after 3 months. The results are long-lasting.



The oscillations of this electronic device are produced by a piezoelectric crystalloid ceramic and semiconductors developed by the latest technology.

The device is simply plugged into a socket in the room to be treated. A gentle bluish LED light indicates that the device is calibrated and activated.


Thanks to medical research, ALLERBED ultrasound is inaudible and safe for both humans and pets.

Harmless vibrations in the air, such as sound, are totally different from the harmful electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile telephones, for example.


The effectiveness of the ALLERBED anti dust mite treatment has been tested in microbiology and infectious disease laboratories and inspected by an organisation with European Union certification


Developed and tested in collaboration with expert entomologists, allergy specialists and vets to guarantee the highest level of protection and performance currently available on the market.


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Where in your house should you place ALLERBED?
We recommend that you place an ALLERBED device in all rooms in which the allergy sufferer spends prolonged periods. (In 90% of cases, this means the bedroom and the sitting room)
Why should this device work better than others?
Unlike devices sold on the Internet which promise to get rid of dust mites, the ALLERBED audio signal is specifically set to a frequency that prevents the mating stage in dust mite reproduction. This ensures 100% effectiveness and is totally harmless for both humans and pets.
How can you tell if the device is working?
The ALLERBED device has an internal processor that verifies the integrity of the components each time the device is used and checks that it is set to the correct frequency. This calibration phase is visible during the first 3 seconds. (LED light flashing)
Is ALLERBED guaranteed?
Yes. The device is guaranteed for 2 years. In the event of a problem or fault, we will replace the device with a new one.
I have a dog and 2 cats. How can I be sure that they won’t hear anything?
As indicated in question 2, ALLERBED produces an ultrasonic signal which is not within the hearing range of humans and pets. Ultrasonic waves are harmless vibrations in the air, similar to sound, and have nothing in common with the harmful electromagnetic radiation emissions of mobile telephones, for example. The device was developed and tested in collaboration with expert entomologists, allergy specialists and vets to guarantee the highest level of protection and performance currently available on the market.
Can I stop my medication if I use ALLERBED?
ALLERBED anti dust mite treatment is not a substitute for medication prescribed by a doctor. Users should not, under any circumstances, stop or modify their prescribed dosage on account of the improvement or disappearance of allergic reactions during ALLERBED anti dust mite treatment without first consulting their allergy specialist or the GP who prescribed the medication. Similarly, if you are not undergoing medical treatment for allergies but think you have an allergic reaction to dust mites in your home, we recommend that you consult an allergy specialist (or your GP, if applicable) before purchasing an ALLERBED device. This is in order to determine firstly if the symptoms are definitely the result of an allergic reaction and secondly if dust mites are in fact the cause of the allergy.
What surface area is covered by one device?
The ALLERBED device covers a volume of up to 90 m3. In terms of surface area, the device can cover rooms of 35 to 40 m2. For rooms with a larger surface area, 2 devices are recommended.
I can’t find the answer to my question here. How can I contact you?
You can email questions to us at the following address: contact@dust-mite.co.uk We will be pleased to help.